Do you want to make your career in medical field? Are you interested to shine in medical field? Then, becoming a medical imaging professional, it may be the best answer to your questions. Medical Imaging is an underrated profession in the healthcare industry but it’s the most important too. Their significance in the field in undeniable and it’s not been recognized much too. In fact all these healthcare areas use their services.


Medical Imaging guys also knows as Radiographers’, the professionals are in charge of running equipment that takes images of the human parts and analysis the functions for monitoring, diagnostic and treatment purposes.  Operating radiation machines like X-rays, these professionals work directly under the control of doctors and radiologists.


Other job title includes:

• Medical radiation Therapist

• Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

• Sanographer

• Nuclear Medicine technologist


A radiographer should take the following tasks; 

• Must work with medical practitioners to perform radiation and imaging treatments of patients.

• Must choose the correct equipment to diagnosis patients. These include radiation scanners, X- ray equipment, angiography, ultrasound equipment, nuclear instrumentation, fluoroscopes and computed tomography equipment.

•  Must be capable in making important decisions like intensity  and length of patients exposure to size, dosage strength and radiation of isotopes and  using equipments like recording and settings.

• Should explain procedures and processes to patients as well as answering for process inquiries.

• Must prepare the equipment and the patience before procedures.

• Make decisions on how the photos will help the medical practitioners in diagnosis.

• Conveys the medical practitioner’s analysis.


Medical Imaging Benefits and outlook 

Over a past couple of years employments of Radiographers has grown significantly and seem to increase in coming years too. Based on the government study, growth employment is expected to increase very strongly from 2016- 17. Also employed in the profession is favorable to many countries and regions.

The profession also gives a chance to work as part time with 76% of the employed working full-time. That is an employee has to work for 36.7 hours in a week. They can work either in the hospital or other freestanding radiation centers or other medical facilities.


Salary for radiographers in the field of medical range from $45, 000 per year and can also reach more for senior professionals. Wages may also differ from expertise skill level of each employee.


How to become a Radiographer in the field of medicine?

Choose the right path, if you want to join the workforce. Today there is a great demand for imaging education and a wide choice of institutes; they include training courses and bachelor’s degrees.

Try taking Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science; it’s the most wanted degree in many foreign countries like South Australia. These courses give you a clear understanding of basic sciences and radiography practices. There is also a four year Radiologist medical course which provides a holistic profession learning approach.


Whatever your decision may be, if you want to succeed in this radiologist Medical field then consider leaning them in a best institute that is accredited by the government, they tend to give a better scope and deliberately add the core subject knowledge.


There are different varieties of pain medications that are now sold in many US and Canada pharmacy stores. Pain is a common symptom felt by millions people. Some forms of pain can be bearable while some are not. People suffering from severe pain lose their focus and are unable to think clearly. Hence why, taking pain medication is a must when it becomes too difficult to endure. Pain is said to be caused by a number of factors – diseases, injuries, stress, or emotional distress. While there are a number of pain medications to choose from, some people do not get the response that they expect from OTC pain medications, hence why they are prescribed to take a much stronger form of pain medications, like the narcotics. Some of the commonly prescribed narcotics used to alleviate moderate or severe forms of pain are as follows:

  •   Oxycodone – This drug functions similarly like morphine. Since oxycodone can cause constipation to some patients, taking more fiber is advised to remedy this. Oxycodone is one of the commonly abused narcotics therefore it should be kept properly and away from the prying eyes of substance-abusing individuals.
  •   Hydromorphone – This type of narcotic come in fast acting and extended-release varieties. It is basically a variant of the popular narcotic drug morphine.
  •   Codeine – This drug is commonly given to patients suffering from mild to moderate forms of pain. Just as with any other types of narcotics, taking codeine can be addictive. Codeine should not be taken along with alcohol. The drug is also contraindicated to pregnant women. Never abruptly stop taking the drug since it can likely cause severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Morphine – This is the drug of choice when treating pain that can’t be relieved by other pain medications. It is fast acting and is known to be a really effective pain reliever. However, morphine is a regulated drug and can only be bought with a prescription.

Narcotic pain medications require a prescription from a doctor. They cannot be bought over the counter. Therefore, you have to schedule a doctor’s visit first. If OTC pain medicines do not give you the relief you are looking for, doctors will likely prescribe narcotics as an alternative.

Many people know that maintaining health-oriented habits seems enjoyable like an algae and flax milkshake. Living a healthier and longer life is in your own control. Let’s see how to boost longevity with these tips:

  1. Healthy diet: Varying in foods you eat may reduce the risk of chronic disease. You may add calcium rich foods with proteins for better health and immunity. Change your veggies to get all the buzzed nutrients and antioxidants that help combat early aging. You will have plenty of nutrients by moderating the amount of sodium, cholesterol and sugar you consume.
  1. Stay fit with healthy weight: Maintaining an average weight according to age may reduce the chance of developing chronic disease and make you feel lighter in your daily life. It kills stroke, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease risks.
  1. Mental exercise: Try to learn something new and participate in information gathering activities like listening to radio, reading newspaper, surfing web, playing puzzle games and visiting museums. This may reduce the risk of Alzhiemer’s disease by 47%. So get your brain engaged in mental exercise to enjoy.
  1. Stop stressing: Stress not only make your heart beat goes faster, it can literally make your body age faster. You can grab a magazine or anything different to focus on any other way to get relax from stress. In this way, this is the simple formula of living a long life.
  1. Take rest completely: Take a pure sleep that can give you enough benefits in your life. What’s more, catching proper zzzs may add the years in your life. So get sleep for at least 8 hours to reduce the chances of hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and depression.

The Florida health department had suspended compounding minor operations in pharmacy temporarily. This is due to growing a deadly meningitis outbreak which is caused by contaminated drugs in Massachusetts facility. A Florida based pharmacy has developed injected drugs and medicines. Some compounding pharmacies in Florida allow mixing in large quantities of prescribed drugs that are typically used for the patients by the doctors in their clinics.   

Why compounding is suspended?

After thousands of contaminated steroids of vials were shipped from New England facility, regulators are scrutinizing. It leads to above 25 deaths due to fungal meningitis. The Florida Health Department has violated the rules on cleanliness of prescription department, dispensing and compounding of medications and keeping of records.

The investigators of US Food and Drug Administration found mold and bacteria where drugs were mixed. The cases of fungal meningitis have reached 28 states including Maryland where 19 people became ill and one has died. The reports proved that compounding facilities in Massachusetts which make specialized drugs became the reason of this.

The searches were outlined by FDA in an issue of investigators in reports. They found that health laws have been violated by the federal health department. The investigators also found the areas that are contaminated where drugs were not handled directly. About three lots of steroids are injected with meningitis outbreak that is responsible to kill 25 peoples and sickens about 338.


This week earlier, the agency has listed above 3000 medication facilities that are supplying medications from the company including 89 in Maryland.